We’ve witnessed the impact on our environment and the damage that has been caused worldwide. And in the past 20 years, we’ve understood what the results of this impact could mean for us, rising water levels, extreme weather conditions, and animal species risk of extinction. All of this affects our personal and collective lives, and we must act NOW.

We’ve set our environmental standards by providing products and services that fulfill climate neutrality requirements.

What does Climate Neutral mean?

Climate Neutrality means not emitting any greenhouse gases in the manufacturing and delivery of our products, and we cannot increase the amount of climate-wrecking gases in the atmosphere. Our manufacturing guidelines include renewable energy resources such as Wind, Water, and Sun.

We act!

Environmental Protection is a top priority. EVA carries responsibility: For our environment and our customers. Climate-neutral production and delivery is a social responsibility that we take seriously.

REUSE. The cleanest auto floor mats you’ll ever get! Used EVA auto floor mats are reassembled and recycled into new EVA auto floor mats. Compared to buying a new set of auto floor mats, our custom-made auto floor mats have a minimal impact on the climate. Fewer resources are used, and less waste is produced. It’s cleaner. REUSE connects quality with longevity.

We want your auto floor mats back! You get 20% off your new auto floor mats when you trade in your used EVA auto floor mats. Your pre-loved EVA auto floor mats will be reassembled and recycled as new auto floor mats in our REUSE program. That saves a lot of energy.

Zero-Waste manufacturing. Our production plant has been transformed into more sustainable practices across the entire production chain. This doesn’t mean only removing any waste at the point of production, but using 23% of recycled polymers during the manufacturing process.

Through our Climate Neutral Manufacturing process, we made thousands of auto floor mats last longer and thus saved them from being thrown away. Our packing is made from 100% recycled material, and we must monitor our Environmental Standards and improve them continuously.