Tailored Perfection for Your Car

Durable Prime EVA mats are easy to clean, slip-resistant, and personalized to match your unique style.

Design Your Mat

Custom fit for any car model

Engineered with precision technology, each mat is custom-designed to snugly fit your car model, offering comprehensive protection that keeps every centimeter covered and your car looking sharp.


Transform your drive with our custom made car floor mats

Upgrade to a cleaner, sleeker interior with our premium, easy-care mats. Discover the difference with Prime EVA and experience a blend of quality, style, and innovation at a price you’ll love.

Custom-fit Precision

Our mats are precisely tailored to fit your car, ensuring maximum coverage and protection

Easy Maintenance

Made with lightweight materials and a textured surface for easy cleaning.

Stylish Designs

Choose from a variety of colors and textures to enhance your car's interior and style.

Safe and Secure

Anti-slip fixation clips and velcro prevent slipping, enhancing safety while driving.

Prime EVA - where quality, style and sustainability redefine your driving experience.

Crafted from high-quality EVA material, our mats are durable, resistant to wear and tear, and outlast ordinary mats. Our customers trust in our commitment to deliver enduring quality.

Style that suits you

Personalize your car’s interior with our diverse range of colors and designs. Whether you prefer classic elegance or a bold statement, our mats add a personal touch while offering uncompromising protection.

Easy and secure installation

Forget about mats that slip and slide. Our easy-to-install mats are equipped with anti-slip backing to ensure they stay firmly in place, simplifying your life and safeguarding your journeys.

All-Weather Reliability

From rain to snow, our mats are engineered to handle all weather conditions, offering reliable performance year-round. They are easy to clean from anything, including sand and pet hair, ensuring your car's interior remains spotless and clean.

Express your style

Choose from various colors and textures to customize your car’s interior.

Personalize your car’s interior with Prime EVA’s customizable mats. Available in various colors and designs, they let you showcase your style while enhancing the overall look of your car.

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Premium Quality

2-Year Product Warranty & 5-Year Durability Guarantee: We stand behind our products with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year durability guarantee, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Outstanding Quality

Handmade with the Highest Quality: Each Prime EVA car floor mat is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

European Standards

European Manufacturer with the Highest Material Standards: We source our materials from top European suppliers, guaranteeing premium quality and eco-friendly production.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I order?
    Step 1: Select and enter your vehicle details on our home page.
    Step 2: Click on "Order your EVA Car-Mat."
    Step 3: Select your preferred texture, color, and package option on the next page.
    Step 4: Complete your contact and shipping information and verify that your data is correct.
    Step 5: Complete your purchase and pay with your Debit/Credit Card or via PayPal on the certified Shopify payment processing page.
  • How can I change or cancel my order?
    To change or cancel your order, please send us an email to support@EvalineGroup.com with the details you'd like to have changed. You can request changes or a cancellation within 24 hours of the purchase.
    After 24 hours, your order has already been produced and is ready to ship. Hence, once 24 hours have passed, orders cannot be changed or canceled anymore.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay with your credit/debit card services. Our site is SSL secured, with due checks and verification procedures conducted by MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa. All payments made are encrypted and secured to protect your payment details. All card payments are processed via PayPal and Stripe Payments, among the top-rated online payments processing services available.

Installation and maintenance

  • What do I do if my car is not on the list?
    In case your car is not on the list, please follow the link to fill out the form or email us at support@EvalineGroup.com with all your vehicle details:
    - Car Make
    - Model
    - Year of manufacture
    - Type of body (for example, coupe, sedan, etc.)
    - Transmission type (manual or automatic)
    We will find the perfect measurements of your car and update you with the possibility of producing it.
  • Will Prime EVA mats be perfect for my car?
    Proper fit and quality are our exceptional standards. We produce as per each car manufacturer's models measures, or if your car is not on the list, we customize to specifications, always ensuring maximum coverage and perfect fit.
  • How to install Prime EVA mats?
    How to install PRIME EVA mats?
  • How to lay the EVA mats correctly?
    We aim to ensure that the mats cover the maximum possible floor surface when developing patterns. To lay the mats easily, quickly, and correctly, spread them FROM THE SEAT TO THE PEDALS. First, apply the bottom of the mat close to the side of the seat and straighten the top towards the pedals.
    Many do the opposite - immediately push the top of the rug to the pedals. But if the mat goes deep under the dashboard and closes the wheel arch protrusion, then the easiest and surest way is to lay it in the direction from the seat towards the pedals.
  • How do we guarantee the perfect fit?
    We have been in the market for over fifteen years, and we are the owners of a utility model patent; therefore, we know how to manufacture made to measure. Over 3,000 templates for different models and brands of cars are available.
  • How to maintain Prime EVA mats?
    We designed the mats for low maintenance. Simply clean it with regular water from the bottle, hose, or a jet of water. All the accumulated dirt in the honeycomb/diamond cells is washed away. Our mats are suitable for cleaning with detergents, and you can wash them every time you come to the car wash.
    One of the major advantages of our EVA mats is that they need to be washed less often than others.
  • Prime EVA mats don't have pads, so what about water and dirt?
    Prime EVA mats don't have pads, so what about water and dirt?
  • Rare models and customized modifications instructions
    Given how often car manufacturers make slight adjustments to the floor area of the car, all auto floor mats can be custom fit with ease by following this video instructions link


  • Do you provide shipping to my country?
    We provide and ship our products across EU countries. Prime EVA uses reliable courier services for providing home delivery, which is available across the EU countries.
  • What does the shipping cost?
    The shipping fees are displayed at checkout based on the entered shipping address.
  • How long will it take to manufacture my order?
    Standard orders are ready to ship within 48 hours from the order date. Custom-made orders take approximately 7-10 days before they are delivered to you, depending on how complex your car's floor measures are.
    We make all PRIME EVA mats in our state-of-the-art factory to fit your car make and model. We use precise manufacturer measurements gained through modern technology to guarantee perfect coverage of your vehicle's floor.

Other questions

  • Where is your material sourced from?
    We manufacture in Europe and source all (raw) materials for our products from suppliers in Europe.
  • What is the lifespan of Prime Eva mats?
    The lifespan of EVA mats depends on the wearer's driving habits and the conditions in which the mats are being used. On average, EVA mats can last up to 5 years or more.
  • Is the EVA material hypoallergenic?
    EVA is made of environmentally friendly components and does not cause allergic reactions. The environmental friendliness of EVA is guaranteed. It is used to produce the soles for sports shoes, coatings for sports and playgrounds, and other consumer products.
  • How durable is the material?
    For manufacturing our EVA mats, we use an innovative material with a porous structure as "honeycomb" - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. 4 times lighter than rubber, hence a lightweight and durable, functional, and aesthetic appearance.
    Among the advantages are holding a large amount of liquid, zero smell, resistance to chemicals, absolute safety for health and the environment, and performing even at temperatures from -50°C to +50°C.
    Thanks to the unique, patented cellular structure over the entire surface, water and soil that fall on the mat are evenly distributed. They do not spread further through the cabin, maintaining a roll of 45 degrees.
  • How are Prime EVA mats different from rubber and textile?
    Rubber mats are very heavy, often without boards or with a small area trough. Water accumulates, soaks into pants, and stains shoes. Rubber mats become brittle and crack in cold weather. From rubber, an unpleasant smell in the summer, when heated.
    Textile mats absorb water, dirt, and damp smell. After five washes, the attractiveness of the appearance is gone.
    Car floor mats are an indicator of attitude towards your car. In addition, they emphasize your cleanliness. This prestigious accessory is inexpensive and will help keep your car clean for a long time.
  • Why do I need a trunk mat?If you are carrying any items in the trunk (various sports equipment, picnic furniture, firewood, pets, etc.) that can stain or ruin the trunk carpet, you need a mat to protect the carpet from dirt and damage. Also, the trunk mat will emphasize the car interior style (the combination of the color scheme of the trunk carpet with the floor mats).
  • Why do I need a protective footpad and how to attach it?
    A protective foot pad increases the life of the mats. After a year, sagging in the heel is possible, as hard-soled shoes affect the increased wear of the mat. The footpad protects the driver's mat from being crushed and damaged by the heel of shoes or the hairpin of women's shoes.
    To properly install a protective foot pad, you need:
    - sit in the driver's seat
    - depress the gas pedal, your heel - this will be the middle of the protective foot pad - put the protective foot pad there, mark the correct location with chalk or a marker
    - take the EVA mat out, make holes with an awl in the place of fastenings
    - fasten the footpad with screws
  • Does your store have any coupons or promotions?
    Yes, we have promotions and coupons. We often attach Coupons codes with ordered items, and you can use them with second orders in our store.

Return policy

  • How do I return?
    You can either contact our Support Team, or
    Visit our Product Return tool
    Enter your order number and email address to start
    Follow the instructions and select the items you want to return
    Once your request is approved, you will get a confirmation email with shipping guidelines
  • When items are returnable?
    - Within 30 days from the date of delivery to you
    - In unused and new condition
    - In the original packaging with all the tags intact
  • What items are non-refundable?
    The following items cannot be returned:
    - Gift cards
  • The item I received is damaged!
    If the purchased product is faulty, reach out to us within 30 days of the delivered date.
  • What are the refund options?
    The following refund options are supported:
    Refund to the original payment method
    For Cash-on-Delivery purchases, refund to the valid bank account
  • How do I ship back the items?
    For instructions on how to ship the returned products, refer to the email received after placing the return request.
  • How soon will I get my refund?
    Once your returned item is received and inspected, you will be notified via an email. You will also be informed about the approval or rejection of your refund request. If approved, the refund request will be processed within 1 - 3 working days after approval.
  • My question is not addressed...
    If you have any queries regarding return or refund, reach out to us.

Fixation clips keep it together

Simplify Your Life with Prime EVA Car Floor Mats

Our car floor mats come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to choose an option that complements your car's interior and personal style. With Prime EVA, you can enhance your vehicle's aesthetic appeal while keeping it protected.

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