• Why Prime EVA car floor mats are the perfect choice for busy parents!

    If you’re like most parents, keeping your car clean can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only do kids make a mess in the car, but they also track dirt, food, and water all over the place. Prime EVA car floor mats are the perfect solution for busy parents. The diamond shape texture of our mats contains dirt and liquid, keeping your car’s interior clean. Our car mats are extremely simple to install and remove. Shaking them or pouring water over them once is all it takes to clean them.

  • The benefits of using Prime EVA car floor mats for outdoor enthusiasts

    If you love spending time outdoors, Prime EVA car floor mats are a must-have. They can resist any form of dirt, require no cleaning chemicals, and are simple to clean with water. The diamond-shaped texture on our car floor mats collects dirt and liquid, keeping the inside of your car spotless. The mats are simple to maintain and fit securely in your vehicle. They’re also weather resistant and antimicrobial, making them a great choice for year-round use.

  • Our clients love how easy it is to remove sand and any type of dirt

    Bikes, plants, bags, and groceries may be tossed around during your journey. There won’t be any more lengthy cleaning after this anymore. The dirt is easily knocked out of the Prime EVA floor mat by tapping it with your hand quickly.

  • Pet owners love Prime EVA car floor mats for dirt containment and easy clean-up

    Unlike textile car floor mats, hair and fur from your pets won’t get stuck in the Prime EVA material. Bacteria won’t build up either, so cleaning after your pets will be easy. All you have to do is give them a quick shake or rinse with water and they will be clean again.

Prime EVA highlights

car mats sold in the first half of 2022
clients in the EU
workers worldwide
Handmade and of the highest quality. The best EVA material car mats in Europe
European manufacturer with the highest material standards
2 years product warranty and 5 years high durability guarantee

Car mats material

Lightweight material with a cell structure to retain moisture and debris
Does not emit toxic odors when heated and wet
Does not absorb dust and dirt, does not form puddles underfoot
Cleans up and dries quickly
Resistant to temperature difference from -50 to +50
Does not lose its appearance and color with intensive use
Service life more than 5 years
Antibacterial material
Customer satisfaction
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Car mats made in Europe

Prime EVA custom car floor mats are made to fit specific car models, are easy to clean and will keep your car’s interior looking new. Made of high-density and eco-friendly EVA foam, our car floor mats are designed to fit perfectly into your car and trap dirt, water, and snow. They have a stylish design that will complement the interior of your car and are resistant to temperature fluctuations. Order your set of Prime EVA custom car floor mats today!