What is EVA material?

What is EVA material?

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Prime EVA car mats are made of an innovative material, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which, like rubber, is very flexible and durable, but at the same time environmentally friendly. It is light and at the same time strong, functional and aesthetic. It has a porous structure in the form of "honeycombs". Honeycomb or diamond structure gives the ability to hold a large amount of liquid, so you will never spoil the dirt into the car interior. These properties make this material the best choice for car mats and also it meets all safety standards and requirements. EVA foam is made from environmentally safe components and does not cause allergic reactions.

Premium car mats EVA are made in Europe. Due to the high quality of the material the mats have no toxic odor. Carpets can have an odor when they are new. They smell like new within 2-3 days and the smell does not appear again even with further operation at high temperatures.

Thanks to the smooth surface it is easy to clean EVA car mats. You don’t need additional chemicals to clean the car mast, though EVA material is resistant to chemical reagents.

The service life of mats made of EVA material depends on the driving style of the owner and the conditions in which the mats are used. On average, rugs can last up to 5 years.


EVA floor mats are available all year round. In winter, they do not absorb water. In summer, they do not emit any odor and accumulate dust and sand in the cells. That's why when you buy car mats of EVA material you don't need to have multiple types of rugs for the right season.

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