Review of car mats: rubber or EVA?

Review of car mats: rubber or EVA?

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The variety of offers on the market of car accessories significantly complicates the choice for car owners. As car accessory manufacturers, we often test different types of products to make our product better. With the advent of autumn, the problem of cleanliness in the cabin of the car is becoming more and more urgent, so the object for testing were rubber mats for cars. Being on a rubber mat can cause your shoes to slip off the brake pedals, threatening your safety.

Test of rubber car mats
1. Large area of dirt
At first glance, they do not differ much from EVA mats - they are resistant to mechanical damage and easy to wash.
But after rain or snow, when shoes are very wet and dirty, the liquid mud actively spreads over the entire area of the rubber mat. And when you try to shake water off the mat - often spills onto the car interior trim.

Unlike rubber mats, EVA mats have a honeycomb structure, which prevents dirt from spreading throughout the mat.

2. No 100% coverage
Often mass-produced mats are not interested in a personalized approach to each individual car. Rubber mat molds are standardized so they can fit most cars. Thus, rubber mats do not guarantee 100% coverage and protection of your interior from dirt.

EVA mats are made to order. We do not depend on standard molds because we laser-cut the polymer material according to the molds for each specific car model.

3. Aesthetics
Most often the rubber mats are black in color. Black makes the slightest traces of dust and footprints of shoes, with which the floor mat is in 100% contact, easy to see.

EVA mats have a wide range of colors, so you can choose a color that will be little noticeable dirt: gray, brown or red. In addition, the honeycomb texture makes the contact with your shoes not as close as with a flat rubber mat. The shoe contacts the EVA mat only on the surface of the honeycomb facets.

All these advantages, combined with the fact that the EVA mat has no unpleasant rubber smell, does not slip underfoot, and also looks more modern, make it an ideal purchase for your car.
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