How to choose the right floor mats for your car?

How to choose the right floor mats for your car?

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If you want your car mats perfectly fit your car, you should give preference to the custom car mats. Of course, universal rugs can be easy and quickly found in any store, as well as on our website. But custom-made mats guarantee not only a more aesthetic appearance, but also safety. They don't slip and fit much more better. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose exactly the texture and color combination that you like. Custom floor mats involve choosing the make and model of the car on the website, so that the manufacturer could take into account all the features of your car: mat mounts, pedal location, size of the jumper between the rear row seats.

Which car brands can be ordered mats in Prime EVA?

Our database contains all brands and models of cars that are popular in the European market:

It is often difficult to find car mats for Minivans or electric cars, since the number of mats is not the standard 4 pieces. Electric cars need a frunk mat, and Minivans need a third-row seat mats or an aisle between the seats. Prime EVA takes into account all these features of your car, so it's easy to order floor mats for Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Citroen Berlingo, Porsche Carrera and others.

If you worry about fitment of car mats, you can ask our customer service and we will help you to define your car correctly in the car mats configurator. If you receive car mats that don't fit, we will send you the correct set for free.




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