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Knee pad ?

Convenient extra cushion for your knees while working on your car, gardening, stretching, fishing or other hobbies.

Knee pad


(Car mats) Prime EVA car floor mats keep your car's interior clean without wasting your time. Just shake or tap them with the palm of your hand, and they are as good as new. Our material securely traps dirt, liquid, and sand, so it doesn't end up all over your car interior. Prime EVA car floor mats have anti-slip technology and are handmade to fit securely into your unique car model. Stop wasting time and money on dirty car floor mats. Invest in Prime EVA car floor mats today!

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(Car mats) - Delivery to your doorstep across the EU - Receive your shipment within 7 - 15 business days - Shipping and delivery fees will be calculated at the checkout
  • (Car mats) EASY TO CLEAN

    (Car mats)Just wipe with a damp cloth or hose down for easy cleaning! No fussing with vacuums and other time consuming devices.
  • (Car mats) PEACE OF MIND

    (Car mats) Our cell texture design traps dirt and water, preventing it from spreading around your car's interior. Our unique material does this exceptionally well, keeping your vehicle's floor clean and fresh.

    (Car mats) These mats are designed to fit perfectly in your car, giving you a stylish look that will last for years! EVA car floor mats make your car's interior much more elegant than rubber mats.
  • (Car mats) PREMIUM QUALITY

    (Car mats) Our car floor mats are safe and secure. Made in Europe with a 2 year warranty